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Elenor Textile is the manufacturer of technical fabrics for contract and special projects. The main principle is to deliver different projects, such as hotels, workplaces, residences, hospitals together with our partners, on time and in a perfect way.

We produce and certify fabrics with the desired flammability standards. Our own collection of tulle, fund and blackout fabrics is stocked in accordance with BS, NFPA and M1 tests. In the world, our fireproof product collection is used by more than 1.000 retailers and interior designers.

Depending on the characteristics of the project, we can provide sample service by making production in special color and pattern designs. We can also apply your designs and ideas. It is our duty to find fast and reliable solutions to your needs in technical textiles.

Center /  Factory

D.O.S.A.B Papatya Sk. 4/D Osmangazi – Bursa – Türkiye
+90 (224) 261 21 53

Bulgaria Office

Kv. Geo Milec ul. Kocani –
3et 2ap. 2gr Sofia – Bulgaria
+359 (879) 80 66 04

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